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Jef-Re Construction Services is dedicated to new technologies as well as proven methods to ensure dry basements and durable seamless floor coatings.

Jef-Re Construction Services Ltd.

What our customers say…

It was a pleasure to work with a company as 'professional' as yours. I hope that we will have an opportunity to work together again in the future.

Wilson, Blanchard Management Inc,

Well, we have had plenty of rain now to feel quite secure about our dry basement. Many thanks to you and the men who worked on our basement. We are extremely pleased with the professionalism of the company, and are happy to recommend Jef-Re Construction.

André and Patty King,

I want to take the time to convey my sincere appreciation to you and your crew for the work performed to solve my basement-flooding problem. Your prompt service and quality of work impressed my entire family. It's very rare these days to find a company and its people dedicated to performing quality work and customer satisfaction. It was a pleasure to do business with you for these reasons...

Jeffrey A. Laxton,

We Specialize in…

Foundation Repairs Industrial Flooring
  • Foundation Repairs

    Foundation Repairs

    Most situations can be resolved internally. Jef-Re Construction employs a cost-effective, permanent solution.

    Leaks in block and stone foundations can be resolved with a internal drainage system. The Internal Water Control System features a corrugated drainage layer which directs the flow of water to a drainage tile installed below the basement floor. That water is then directed to a floor drain or sump pump.

    Leaks in poured concrete foundations can usually be resolved with a urethane crack injection. Urethane that is injected into cracks or tie-holes reacts with water to create a durable and impervious gasket type membrane.

    Call us for more information on our 10-year transferable warranty. We've made over 4000 basements dry since 1988.

    -Leaky basement repair

    -Internal drainage systems

    -Interior urethane crack injections

    -Bowed foundation walls

    -Exterior waterproofing

  • Industrial Flooring

    Industrial Flooring

    With over 25 years of experience, Jef-Re Construction Services continues to achieve industry safety and environmental standards for both our employees and our clients. As your complete flooring service contractor, Jef-Re Construction Services can offer you:

    -Construction and control joint repair

    -Re-sloping floors & installation of prefabricated trench drains

    -Self-leveling and broadcast systems

    -Custom shot blasting and surface preparation

    -Seamless floor coatings

    -Seamless epoxy mortar resurfacing

    -Decorative quartz systems with covering

    -Chemical resistant lining systems for corrosive environments and secondary containment

    -Thermal shock-resistant polyurethane flooring

    -Abrasion resistant metallic repair mortars

    -Non-slip textured systems

    -Anti-spark and static dissipating systems

About Us

Jef-Re Construction Services is dedicated to new technologies as well as proven methods to ensure dry basements and durable seamless floor coatings.

Residential and commercial clients have been referring Jef-Re Construction Services Ltd to their colleagues and friends for over 30 years. That’s because we provide superior foundation repairs and industrial flooring solutions that stand the test of time. As a matter of fact, most of our business is by referral.

Our Promise

Our waterproofing solutions come with a 10 year transferable warranty. If you are planning to sell your home this warranty guarantees our waterproofing services to be effective for future homeowners.

Our Team

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  • Kevin Breukelman

  • Owen Tenhage

Our History

Jef-Re Construction has repaired over 4500 basements in the Burlington and Hamilton area since 1988. If your basement is WET we haven't been there YET. We also resurface and coat floors for industries that require durable floors for high traffic and corrosion resistance.

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